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Caney’s Trigger Ladd – Bull Riding Spotlight – Presented by Hookin and Loopin Embroidery

In the dangerous, wild world of bull riding, where courage meets adrenaline, Trigger Ladd from Caney High School emerges as rising star in the rodeo community, etching his name in the books of rodeo history.

Trigger’s journey into the heart-pounding realm of bull riding began with childhood dreams fueled by the electrifying energy of PBR events and local rodeos. Reflecting on his beginnings, he recalled, “Watching the PBR when I was little and going to the local rodeos. I’ve always wanted to be like the ones I looked up to.”

Trigger Ladd

Guided by unyielding determination and unwavering support from family, school and community, Trigger’s ascent to becoming a World Champion Bullrider epitomizes the quintessential underdog story. “Just staying motivated, working hard and practicing as much as I could,” he affirmed.

Despite the inherent risks, Trigger’s resolve remains unshaken, anchored in faith and a steadfast trust in divine protection. “Knowing that injuries could always happen, but I’ve just learned how to put it in the back of my mind and not let it bother me,” he shared.

Balancing the demands of bull riding with academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities requires a meticulous approach to time management and unwavering dedication. “School always comes first, but outside of school, it’s all about managing your time wisely and working your hardest in all aspects,” Trigger emphasized.

His journey is punctuated by moments of triumph, none more exhilarating than winning the MBR World Title in 2021. “That feeling was unlike any other feeling I’ve ever felt. Being proud of yourself and making your family and community proud,” he reminisced.

Trigger Ladd

For Trigger, success in bull riding demands sacrifices, mental fortitude and exemplary leadership. “You have to be able to make sacrifices, be mentally strong and always be a good role model for the little kids to look up to and set a good example,” he asserted.

As he looks to the future, Trigger sets his sights on new horizons: winning a National High School Rodeo World Title, securing Rookie of The Year in the PRCA, and clinching a PRCA World Title. With accolades and aspirations that soar as high as the rodeo sky, Trigger Ladd embodies the essence of courage, resilience and unyielding passion in the world of bull riding.

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