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Hartshorne’s Kelby Thomason – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by BancFirst McAlester

By Payton Moody 

Kelby Thomason is a true Hartshorne Miner through and through, as it is the only K-12 school he has ever attended. As a senior at Hartshorne High School, Kelby has dedicated himself to football and baseball, playing as a running back in football and taking on left field in baseball. 

Reflecting on his influences, Kelby points to his teammates and coaches as significant motivators. “My teammates and coaches,” he emphasized, highlighting the importance of teamwork and mentorship in his athletic journey.

When it comes to role models, Kelby’s parents stand out. “My mom and dad taught me to never give up on something,” he shared. “They help me with everything that I do.” Their support has been invaluable to Kelby’s growth, both on and off the field.

Among his coaches, coach Justin James has played a pivotal role in Kelby’s development. “Coach James has showed me how to become a better ball player and an even better person,” Kelby acknowledged.

Kelby understands the value of hard work outside of team practices. “Putting in work on your own time,” he said, recognizing the importance of personal dedication in achieving success.

One of Kelby’s memorable moments was beating Wilburton in football. “Beating Wilburton in football,” he recalled with pride, highlighting the competitive spirit and local rivalry that adds meaning to their victories.

Speaking of rivalries, Kelby emphasized the Wilburton Diggers yet again. “It’s just a standard here,” he said, showcasing the intense competition that drives the teams.

In practice, Kelby appreciates the competitiveness and work ethic of his teammate, Hayden Morris. “He’s one of the most competitive guys I know, and he works hard,” Kelby said.

For Kelby, every member of the team is valued. “Everyone is appreciated and has a role to play.”

Looking ahead, Kelby plans to attend college and earn a degree, displaying his commitment to personal growth beyond athletics.

Representing Hartshorne means everything to Kelby. “It means a lot to me. This town is a special place,” he said, showcasing his deep-rooted connection to his school and community as a proud Hartshorne Miner.

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