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Mounds’ Sophia Abbott – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Sophia Abbott, a Mounds High School student and a proud member of the Choctaw Nation, personifies the values of excellence, teamwork and cultural pride. 

“My heritage has helped me strive for excellence academically and athletically,” Sophia shared, emphasizing the profound impact of her Choctaw heritage on her life’s journey. Her connection to the Choctaw Nation has not only influenced her on the field but also paved the way for her future endeavors.

“I first started playing softball at three years old,” Sophia said, highlighting her early immersion in the sport that has become an integral part of her life. Softball holds a special place in her heart, shaping her character, teaching her valuable lessons about teamwork and introducing her to a supportive community of players and coaches.

“My Choctaw heritage has taught me to value and respect my teammates and coaches.” Sophia’s heritage instills values of pride, respect and dedication in every aspect of her life.

Sophia embodies core Choctaw values in her daily life as a student-athlete: “I work hard to be successful and give back to my community.” Her strong faith, family values and commitment to excellence reflect her deep-rooted connection to her culture and upbringing.

“My community has encouraged me to do my best and has enabled me to go further in my sport,” Sophia acknowledged the crucial role of her community, including family and friends, in supporting her sports journey. Maintaining balance between physical and mental well-being is essential, and Sophia emphasizes the importance of self-care and refocusing during busy sports seasons.

Sophia finds inspiration in Choctaw traditions like the princess pageants, which showcase pride and heritage among young Choctaw women. These traditions contribute significantly to her sense of identity as a student-athlete, reinforcing her pride in her cultural roots.

“I love being able to help create an impact on younger athletes,” Sophia affirmed, expressing her sense of responsibility and pride in being a role model for younger generations. “Many coaches and older teammates have impacted me as a player and person. I would like to do the same and I hope to be an encouragement to younger Choctaw girls to achieve their goals.”

Sophia’s goal is to contribute actively to the preservation and celebration of Choctaw traditions, including language, hymns and family history, as she continues her academic and athletic journey. “I hope to be more involved in different Choctaw cultural activities in college.”

Sophia Abbott’s journey continues with enthusiasm as she embarks on a softball scholarship at Carl Albert State College, where she plans to pursue a career as a teacher and coach.

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