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Rock Creek’s Brooke Crenshaw – Rodeo Spotlight – Presented by Hookin and Loopin Embroidery

A student at Rock Creek High School with roots that run deep in the rodeo community, Brooke Crenshaw is looking ahead to a bright future. For Brooke, emerging as the All-Around Cowgirl champion is more than just a victory—it’s a direct reflection of her dedication and skill in the world of rodeo. 

Reflecting on her success, Brooke shared, “It’s a very big accomplishment I was blessed to conquer.” Her humility underscores the magnitude of her achievement, emphasizing the hard work and perseverance behind her title.

Brooke Crenshaw

In pole bending, one of her standout events, Brooke’s strategy revolves around consistency and smooth execution. “Consistency is the key in that event,” she explained, emphasizing the need to stay focused amidst stiff competition.

Breakaway roping, another discipline where Brooke shines, benefits from her meticulous planning. “Having a good game plan helps me strategize, so I know what I have to do depending on what situations I’m in.”

Winning the All-Around Cowgirl title holds personal significance for Brooke, given her family’s legacy in rodeo. “My mom and my aunt have both won the IFYR All-Around title when they were in high school,” she said, highlighting the familial connection that makes her achievement even more special.

Brooke Crenshaw

Balancing multiple events requires diligent training and time management. Brooke’s routine involves rigorous workouts with her pole horse and focused roping sessions, ensuring she’s prepared for every challenge the arena presents.

Recalling the pressure of performing consistently, Brooke acknowledges the mental hurdles she faced during competition. “The pressure of just doing the same thing twice,” she said, illustrates the intensity of rodeo at the highest level.

Aspiring cowgirls seeking to follow in Brooke’s footsteps receive sage advice: “Just keep practicing,” she advised, emphasizing resilience and learning from every experience, win or lose.

Growing up in Colbert, Oklahoma, has provided Brooke with ample opportunities to pursue her passion for rodeo, thanks to its central location for traveling to open rodeos in Texas and Oklahoma—a geographical advantage she values.

Brooke Crenshaw

Motivated by her love for winning, Brooke Crenshaw’s rodeo journey doesn’t end with her current achievements. With aspirations to rodeo in college, she’s set her sights on new horizons, eager to continue her pursuit of success in the competitive world of rodeo.

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